European Experiences

There are 44 countries in Europe – from Scandinavia to the north, the westernmost point located in Portugal, Spain, Greece and Italy to the south and Ukraine to the east. Of the 1092 UNESCO world heritage sites across the world, 452 are located throughout the countries of Europe with a large number located in France and Germany. One of the most famous sites is the Notre Dame Cathedral located on the bank of the Seine…consider a visit to Paris to support the French people as they work to restore Notre Dame to her original condition after the fire in April 2019. 

While in Paris, marvel at the masterpieces located in the Louvre and Musee d’Orsay, experience the world famous Moulin Rouge, and sample the amazing French cuisine.

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Cultural Events

While in France, venture outside of Paris to the wine country of the Lorie Valley and Bordeaux. Marvel at the vast fields on lavender in Provence during the summer months or visit the many cities, big and small, along the French Riviera.